Auger Group at IKP
auger_20anniversary_group-picMiguel Martin

The participants of the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Pierre Auger Observatory in front of the main building of the observatory in Malargüe, Argentina


Members of the Auger group at IKP

DP Kai Daumiller
Prof. Dr. Ralph Engel (spokesperson of the Pierre Auger Collaboration and Institutional Representative)
DI (FH) Rainer Gumbsheimer
Dr. Andreas Haungs
Dr. Tim Huege
Dr. Bianca Keilhauer
Heiko Kern
Dr. Quentin Luce
Dr. Hermann-Josef Mathes
Dr. Tanguy Pierog
Dr. Markus Roth (group leader Auger group of IKP and CB Representative)
Michael Riegel
Dr. Harald Schieler
Dr. Ralf Ulrich (deputy group leader Auger group of IKP)
Dr. Michael Unger (deputy group leader Auger group of IKP)
Dr. Darko Veberič
DP Andreas Weindl
Günter Wörner

PhD Students
Ana Martina Botti
Isabel Goos
Steffen Hahn
Johannes Hulsman
Marcel Köpke
Vladimir Lenok
Ana L. Müller
Maximilian Reininghaus
Gaia Silli
Maximilian Stadelmaier
Alexander Streich
Alvaro Taboada

Dr. Dieter Heck
Dr. Hans Klages

The management of the Pierre Auger Project is also located at KIT.
Elena Roman (Project Secretary)
Dr. Bianca Keilhauer (Cost and Schedule Officer)
Dr. Matthias Kleifges (Technical engineer & Health, Safety and Environment)
Dipl.-Mus. Beatrix von Puttkamer (Webmaster)
Claudia Schäfer (Admin)