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  • A Quest for PeVatrons Employing Radio Detection of Extensive Air Showers
    PhD dissertation. Balagopal V., Aswathi
    22.02.2019, KIT, Karlsruhe


Journal Articles

  • Simulation study for the IceCube IceTop enhancement with a scintillator array
    Agnieszka Leszczynska and IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration 2019
    2019. Journal of physics / Conference Series, 1181, 012076.
    [doi:10.1088/1742-6596/1181/1/012076 External Link]
  • Detector developments for a hybrid particle and radio array for cosmic-ray air-shower detection
    Renschler, M.; Balagopal, A.; Haungs, A.; Huber, T.; Huege, T.; Karg, T.; Kossatz, M.; Kunwar, S.; Leszczynska, A.; Oehler, M.; u. a.
    2019. Journal of physics / Conference Series, 1181, 012075
  • Search for PeVatrons at the Galactic Center using a radio air-shower array at the South Pole
    Balagopal V., A., Haungs, A., Huege, T. et al.
    Eur. Phys. J. C (2018) 78: 111.


Conference Proceedings Articles

  • The IceTop Scintillator Upgrade
    Thomas Huber, John Kelley, Samridha Kunwar, and Delia Tosi for the IceCube-Gen2 Collaboration
    (Conference) Proceeding of the 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Bexco, Busan, Korea, 12-20 July 2017; Proceedings of Science (ICRC2017) 401



  • Physics Potential of a Radio surface Array at the south Pole [in press]
    The IceCube Gen2 Collaboration; Schröder, F. G.
    2018, Juni. 8th Workshop on Acoustic and Radio EeV Neutrino Detection Activities, Catania, Italy, 12-15 June 2018